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Christmas Event Program-NFT blind box limited sale

We are pleased to announce here our first NFTs promotion and opportunity to purchase. Please read the participation rules below.


  • Event Date: 25, Dec, 2022 - 07, Jan, 2023
  • Contract address:
  • Players need to complete the pre-task of the sweepstakes - redirected to - First get a chance from Gleam to be the sweepstake winner
  • The sweepstakes list will be based on the winner ranking and will reward: NFT discount, NFT purchases.
  • Participating in this Christmas promotion program is the opportunity to get a rare Chri- stmas NFT: emoji to give.
  • This event will continue during the Christmas period until the end of Christmas, and a li- mited number of winners are available, so hurry up and join us.


NFT Purchase QuantityNFT Discount IncentivesX’mas NFT Random RewardValue/Blind Box(Original Price68U)Total purchase Amount/ Player
TOP 017025%5 pcs513570
TOP 02-105020%5 pcs54.42720
TOP 11-303015%8 pcs57.81734
TOP 31-1001010%16 pcs61.2612

Best Award

  • TOP 1 :Players can buy a maximum of 70 NFT blind boxes, NFT discount rewards for 25% and free 5 random Christmas NFT emoji.
  • TOP2-10 :Players can buy a maximum of 50 NFT blind boxes, NFT discount rewards for 20% and free 5 random Christmas NFT emoji.
  • TOP11-30 :Players can buy a maximum of 30 NFT blind boxes, NFT discount rewards for 15% and free 8 random Christmas NFT emoji.
  • TOP31-100 :Players can buy a maximum of 10 NFT blind boxes, NFT discount rewards for 10% and free 16 random Christmas NFT emoji.
  • This Christmas event is first-come, first-served, if the response is overwhelming. A vote will be initiated by the community on whether to participate in the second round.

Why should I participate in the MetaRunes - Christmas Promotion Program?

1This pre-sale of hero eggs, gear boxes, EXP capsules will open a special probability, which simply means that the probability is 6 times more than the normal NFT.
Pre-sale the Blind Boxes of Hero Egg (Probability) Normal the Blind Boxes of Hero Egg (Probability) Pre-sale the Blind Boxes of Gear Boxes (Probability Normal the Blind Boxes of Gear Boxes (Probability) Pre-sale the EXP props (Probability)
1-star Hero - 100%1-star Hero - 33.35%COMMON - 100%COMMON - 100%COMMON - 100%
2-star Hero - 66.66%2-star Hero - 11.11%UNCOMMON - 66.66%UNCOMMON - 66.66%UNCOMMON - 88.88%
3-star Hero - 22.2%3-star Hero - 3.70%RARE - 44.4%RARE - 22.2%RARE - 66.66%
4-star Hero - 7.38%4-star Hero - 1.23%EPIC - 14.76%EPIC - 7.38%EPIC - 44.44%
5-star Hero - 2.46%5-star Hero - 0.41%LEGENDARY - 4.92%LEGENDARY - 2.46%
Golden Hreo - 1.2%Golden Hreo - 0.20%
2Why are 5-star Heroes so special?

5-star Heroes have extremely high oracle values, maximizing ROI in as little as 48 hours. Other star Heroes are around 15-28 days. Therefore, 5-star Heroes are very competitive and highly liquid + ultra-rare, making 5 star Heroes a hot commodity in the market.

3How can I participate in the NFT blind box purchase?

We plan the NFT blind box will be available for sale for a limited time from December 25, 2022 to January 07, 2023. Players will have to complete the tasks on Gleam within a specified period of time to qualify for the lucky draw. When the sweepstakes qualification reaches the upper limit, we will announce the winners. Players on the winner’s list will be able to participate in this event, and of course the highest ranked player will receive the most valuable prize and mysterious Christmas NFT blind box.

We, ABestClub and MetaRunes, would like to wish you all the best of luck and good luck.

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